A Combination of BOTOX + Lip Filler Combo?

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A Combination of BOTOX + Lip Filler Combo?

Why a Combination of Botox and Lip Filler Works

On the surface, Botox and lip filler treatments are completely separate treatments that target very different parts of the face. So why is it a good idea to use both of these treatments together?

Botox injections is used by Dr Yuri to help you keep wrinkles around your face from being noticeable. Meanwhile, the lip filler will help you restore the volume within your lips. This can especially create an even look around the lips without any sagging spots or cases where one lip might be too small.

Each option is made to be suitable for a variety of cosmetic needs. It is easy to get your appearance to feel restored all the way through. Of course, while these two options can combine to create a full-face system that makes you look more attractive all the way through, there are many other reasons why the two procedures both work together.

Restore a Better Mouth and Lips

The entire area around your mouth will look better when you use these two procedures. With Botox, you will reduce the appearance of laugh or frown lines around your face. This comes as the nerves used to trigger such motions will be weakened.

Meanwhile, the lip filler helps to improve the volume of your lips and keeps them from sagging or otherwise looking unappealing. As the lips become full, they will look smoother and more refined. This works alongside the Botox treatment to create a restored and natural look to your face.

Maintains Balance

The problem with getting just one of these two aesthetic treatments is that it can create a difficult setup that is often tough to manage. While Botox can keep your forehead and other parts of the face looking great, it might not work as well on the lower area. Meanwhile, lip filler only works on one part of the face.

By using the two together, you will create a clear and beautiful look on your face. A full balance can be established to create a nicer style that fits your look quite well. This in turn establishes a smart look that gives you a nice style worth having.

You should look at how such a quality combination of Botox and lip filler can be applied to your face to give it a full look. When the two seemingly separate treatments are used together, they will establish a more attractive look that gives you a stunning style that you deserve.

Ask Dr Yuri today for the best Face Contouring procedure that suits you!

Dr Yuri offers Botox and dermal filler face contouring throughout London. Please feel free to get in touch for a free consultation and start your journey towards creating the face you’ve always deserved!


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