The Safest Method of Administering Dermal Fillers?

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The Safest Method of Administering Dermal Fillers?

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Why It’s Better To Get a Dermal Fillers For Your Lips Through a Cannula

A cannula and an injection needle are both practically identical in their appearance. So why should you get your dermal fillers for your lips through a cannula instead of a needle? There are actually several good reasons why.

A Cannula Is Flexible

To start, a cannula is made with a flexible design. While it has a very fine appearance similar to what a typical needle uses, a cannula is made with a soft body that can curve its way through your lip’s tissues. This means the treatment will cover a larger area. The blunt design of the cannula also ensures that it will enter into your lips with ease.

This is much better than a typical needle that is rigid. The lack of flexibility of the needle makes it so you’d require several injection sites. A cannula is different as it keeps the number of injection sites limited to one or two on average. This allows the tip to move through different spots around your lip area, thus providing you with more help for treating specific problem areas.

Bluntness Is Important

A sharp needle can be painful and could potentially hurt vessels and nerves in an injection site. As a result, you’d have to use anaesthesia in the area.

This problem won’t be an issue when you have a cannula. The blunt tip moves the blood vessels and nerves over. This keeps them from being at risk of harm from puncturing.

As a result, you will be less likely to bear with bruising and swelling in the treated area. You should be able to get back to your normal routine almost immediately after the treatment is done.

The risk of bleeding from the injection site is also reduced. If anything, you could have a doctor move into the area again if a touchup is needed for any intention. When cleaned off properly, the injection site should be safe without being at risk of harm to your tissues or underlying features.

A Painless Solution

With a cannula, you won’t have to use anaesthesia. You could technically ask for it but it won’t do much when the pain level is considered.

According to the Visual Analog Scale, the pain level for an injection with a blunt item like a cannula is at 3 out of 10. This is compared to a 6 out of 10 for an injection through a traditional sharp needle.

Therefore, you should not have to get anaesthesia. This is perfect as it keeps you from bearing with the difficult effects that come with anaesthesia. You won’t be likely to suffer numbness or fatigue.

Thanks to the use of a cannula for your dermal filler needs, you will have a much easier time getting your lips treated. It makes it more efficient and uses fewer injection sites. It also gives you less pain and the ability to get back to your regular routine right after you are treated. Be sure to take a look at how a cannula will improve upon how well you are able to handle the dermal filler process.


Dr. Yuri,

Beauty Clinic SIMONE

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