IV Vitamin Therapy

At Beauty Clinic SIMONE, we are dedicated to helping you to achieve optimum health and a state of physical, mental and emotional wellness. We deliver ethical and health focussed IV treatments, that are precisely dosed to treat your body with the exact nutrients it needs. All patients undergo a thorough medical assessment to check suitability and safety before starting their IV treatment, alongside having blood tests to check internal biochemistry and to screen for nutritional deficiencies.

More than 1 in 3 people take daily supplements. Many people don’t realise that when you ingest vitamins by mouth, only 15% of the active nutrients are absorbed and enter your bloodstream, where they can be used. The rest are excreted out of the body. IV nutrition is a wonderful way to get a high dose of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants directly into the bloodstream. The nutrients are rapidly infused into the circulation and are delivered directly into the cellular space, without having to go through the digestive tract, allowing your body to better absorb and utilise these nutrients immediately.


Vitamin IV Therapy treatments at Nuriss are performed in a safe, effective and ethical way.

Our doctor-led clinics provide a comfortable, confidential, and professional setting for improving your health and wellbeing.

Treatments are performed by a doctor or nurse who are experts in the delivery of IV nutrition.

Bespoke IV drips that are selected to suit your healthcare needs.

IV protocols are followed in accordance to the National Treatment Guidelines.

The Science Behind it All

Science has identified 24 amino acids that are required by the human body. That’s why our IV therapy contains a range of amino acids that you might not be consuming in adequate quantities from your food. The various amino acids are involved in nearly countless numbers of processes within the human body. This includes production of collagen, cardiovascular health, fat burning, immune system functioning, protection against neurological disease, ageing, maintaining muscle mass, reducing fatigue, maintaining mood, energy, and eliminating toxins, to name a few.

Calcium’s importance in teeth and bones is well known, however, it is also necessary for regulating muscle tone and function. This makes it critical to heart health as well as bones. Magnesium and calcium work together so it is important to maintain the correct balance.

Magnesium is essential for healthy bones, teeth, heart, and brain tissue. Studies have shown that today’s food typically contains lower amounts of magnesium than in the past. This has made it more difficult to obtain adequate magnesium from diet, alone. Magnesium is vital for energy production and low levels of magnesium have been associated with more frequent migraine headaches.

Selenium is a vital mineral involved in daily functioning of the human body but also believed to play a huge role in preventing cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Adequate selenium levels are necessary for thyroid function and it also plays a role in immunity, brain function, and fertility.

Zinc plays a key role in immune system health as well as hair, skin, and nails. This mineral is part of many of the body’s functions, including helping to maintain mood, fertility, vision, taste, and smell.

B vitamins levels are associated with higher levels of energy due to their relationship to cell metabolism, red blood cells, and the immune system. Our IV supplement includes vitamins B5, B6, B12 and a vitamin B complex.

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is necessary for healthy cells. Having adequate vitamin C levels could help to lower cholesterol, regulating sugar levels, and antioxidant activity.

Glutathione is an important antioxidant that has clinically proven health benefits, aiding cell repair and enzyme processes within the body.


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FAQ on IV Vitamin Therapy

1What are the benefits?
In order to maintain optimal health, it is vital that your body is provided with the essential nutrients it needs to thrive. Whilst a healthy diet is recommended for all, many people with busy lives, hectic schedules or even illness, may benefit from Intravenous (IV) therapy, which seeks to replenish key nutrients that you might not receive in adequate quantities from your diet.
2Am I a Good Candidate?
During your consultation, the Doctor will review and assess your medical history to determine if vitamin therapy is appropriate for you. Athletes, those fighting medical issues or simply seeking more energy, and people who would like to ensure they have adequate levels of key nutrients are typically great candidates for IV therapy.